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Conway Electric Exto 12' Ouija Beige Dual-Outlet + USB

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The Extō USB charges devices faster and helps extend device battery life.

When the USB is plugged in, the Smart Chip senses the connected device and sends it the most power to charge as fast as possible.

Once your device is fully charged (100%), the Extō USB port shuts off to protect the battery from overcharge (a primary cause for battery life reduction). This preserves battery capacity and extends device life.

The patented dual USB 2.0 Smart Chip ports and dual 3-prong grounded outlets can handle up to 4 devices at once: 2 USBs + 2 3-prong plugs (or a bulb) - something no other charger can do.

You'll never have to search for a USB adapter with the Extō USB and you'll never want to hide it, either.

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